I saw this video of a really neat clock in a Nike store in Boston a while ago. I don't know who was the first to build one of these things, but there's a few of them. Another really gorgeous one is A Million Times by an art studio in Stockholm. Anyway, I really want to make one.

I've been eying some really tiny stepper motors and I've bought a few on Alibaba and Ebay to see what they're like. I'm not 100% sure how I'd like to structure the hardware, but it seems like I could make a whole bunch of tiny networked clock modules, each controlling two stepper motors. While I'm figuring that out, I wanted to play with how it would look. So I decided to learn a bit about p5.js which is a Javascript port of Processing.

I don't think the code is anything special. Since this was meant to be a simulation of the motors themselves, each pair of hands is driven by virtual motors which can be assigned a speed, as opposed to being assigned a position. I did have a bit of fun implementing the easing to slow the hands down before reaching their final places. I also introduced a bit of randomness in the travel time of each hand to reach the new destination, this gives the display a cool "convergence" effect.

Here's a short clip. Sorry that it doesn't display actual times, just random 4-digit numbers.